Aremac Records

Make beats x Sing Songs. Digital Record Label

Aremac's beginnings

Meet our CEO

Camera Peterson, founder, and CEO of AREMAC Records, LLC is a multi-talented singer/songwriter. Camera has starred in plays and televised performances. 

How did AREMAC come about?

AREMAC started off as an idea. After creating original instrumentals, Camera enjoyed the independence and wanted to retain that. After getting the tools that she needed. AREMAC Records, LLC was formed January, 2019. 

AREMAC'S Artists

AREMAC's first artist is bRielle. Owning and operating a record label allows bRielle to see things from an artists' perspective. 

How is AREMAC different from other labels?

AREMAC’s goal is to change how record labels treat their artists. Record labels need artists, artists do not need labels, following this mantra, AREMAC will use collaborative methods. An artist with creative control and input will create more robust sounds and happier performers